Graphic and Print Design

How We Do Graphic and Print Design

Logo Design

A logo identifies a company or product via the use of a mark, flag, symbol or signature. A logo does not sell the company directly nor rarely does it describe a business. Logo’s derive their meaning from the quality of the thing it symbolises, not the other way around – logos are there to identity, not to explain. In a nutshell, what a logomeans is more important than what it looks like.

Brochure Design

Marketing brochures are distributed by businesses and corporate firms who want to emphasise why their products or services are better than their competitors.

Billboard Design

It is said that you see over 1000 ads per day, and yet remember only 7. These days, with the advent of digital advertising, that first number is probably higher. But if you drive a car daily, a large portion of the ads you wee will be billboard ads.

Tradeshow Graphics Design

How can you get more out of your trade show investment? Major exhibitions and local table-top venues still offer a tremendous opportunity to meet your target audience face-to-face and generate leads. Your exhibit booth is the centerpiece of your trade show presence. It needs to attract visitors with a clear, compelling message and eye-catching imagery that draw attention from across the convention floor.

Business Card Design

When you leave a conversation and the other party has your business card, your identity is that piece of paper. Because of this representation, your business card should not only state who you work for, your contact information, and what you do, but it should also state something about you. Not in a written sense, but more so on the overall image it creates about you.

Letterhead Design

No matter what kind of business you’re running, you need a well-designed letterhead.

There’s a huge difference between receiving a letter on standard blank paper, and getting one that sports a beautifully designed letterhead. A letterhead acts as a marketing opportunity, provides the opportunity for brand engagement and, apart from anything else, lend credibility to the words on the page.

Flyer/One-page Ad Design

The purpose of a flyer is to get your prospective customer to take a specific, desired action. Just as with your other sales and marketing efforts, your intention is to help your target recognize that they have a problem in need of a solution and Show them how your service will solve their problem.

Postcard Design

There are so many ways to use a postcard. They’re ideal for elegant invitations or presenting your business in a premium way via mail or in person. Advertise sales, create coupons, send appointment reminders – you can do it all with postcards. And because they don’t have to be opened, they’re more likely to be seen than other forms of direct marketing.

Packaging Design

Packaging design is a stylized form of functionalism. Function focuses on carrying, protecting, and presenting the product. Style creates desire for the product within, delivers on the brand promise, and enriches the user experience at every interaction.

Trifold Design

A well developed brochure for advertising a product or communicating a message to a specific audience can be designed to be cost effective as well as practical. Brochures can be mass produced on a printing press, office photocopier, or with a desktop printer.

Booklet Design

Booklet is designed to advertise a product, a service, or a program, it should be attractively designed with proper pictures in place.

Vehicle Wrap Design

The characteristics of good wrap design and vehicle advertising — those which use proper branding, and easy-to-discern messaging — are rarely employed on most vehicle wraps seen on the road today. We are creating only a high quality and creative designs.